Custom Wrestling Videos for You

As you may not be aware, not only do I produce really fun wrestling videos, but I can take your custom request to make a video OF YOUR DREAMS!

Do you want to see me obliterate a bigger man with my strikes and kicks? Would you like to see me squash a weak boy with a big ego with my superior submission and grappling skills? How about a good ol’ wrasslin’ match, with spladles, double leg take downs and pins? Want to see me lift a hot woman up and carry her around in cradle, fireman’s carry, piggyback, and more? Also, I can make the prowrestling match you’ve always dreamed of, complete with piledrivers, ceiling holds, RKO’s and body slams and anything else.

I’ve made custom submission tutorials, muay thai fights, piledrivers in socks, tickling while submitting, small vs big, etc. ALL KINDS!

Your imagination can come to reality if you had a scenario within the perameters of what I do: Prowrestling (trained and experienced), MMA (trainied and experienced), BJJ (trained and experienced), Acting (trained and experienced), and Improv. Please don’t think your fantasy is too weird or too much– you’ll never know unless you express yourself.

This is what we do. For you in sessions or for you on a custom made video, just for you.

Below are some general prices/examples of the prices.

Video Prices
(For a Video wth Only Me)

30 seconds – 9 minutes = $20 – $140

10 minutes- 20 minutes =$160 – $200

23minutes- 30 minutes = $225 – $30

To add another male or female to the video is an added $80- $175
Pro cameraman = $50
Beatdowns, KO’s, wardrobe requests (other than gi, or athletic wear), and very specific requests incur small additional fee ($25-$100). Please specify!
A Match that requires a wrestling ring or MMA cage ($60) extra, because that is was the owner charges to rent his space.
Otherwise, videos are filmed in a location with wrestling mats, or the scene setting you describe.

Please email for complete price list by the minute.

Please email your Strong Woman Desire!!!

Allow me to create something Just for You.


See my videos here:

As always, thank Session Girls for being a path maker for all of us in this industry.


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