Virus Anxiety… will I get home??

I had a great time in Germany. Great sessions, great cities, great hotels, great new friends.

When I arrived there, I had not updated the blog on my last hours in London– I stil will. What a time!!!😍

However, I spent the last few days with Warrior Amazon in Frankfurt. Man, I liked her before but she’s so amazing of a human, I may have fallen in love. Wow.

We trained together and sessioned. together… so MUCH FUN!!!

My flight was always originally set to depart Germany today… two nights ago Trump talks about closing the USA.

Fortunately, I’m now on the plane in London heading back to Vegas.

Not one moment have I been concerned with this virus scare, and even if I couldn’t get home, if my flights were canceled, I would be fine… would go to the Netherlands with Warrior and sesh. Another time.

Once home, I will update the entire trip. What a great experience.

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3 thoughts on “Virus Anxiety… will I get home??

  1. Aye it’s been a fiasco in how they’ve tried to deal with the virus. I didn’t get affected by it but 10years ago was that volcanic eruption in Iceland that caused a lot of issues with plane travel, I was in Japan at the time but I wasn’t due back home till May by then things had eased up. Nature’s wrath eh?

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