Traveling for Sessions

I miss my sessions.

I miss kicking guys asses. Guess who have no idea what it feels like for a trained, big, strong woman to squash them.

I’m in good shape from my previous hindrances and ready to kick your asses again.

Starting off with Pittsburgh and Cleveland, I’m getting back to it, better than ever. 😃😬😘

Book a session here on the booking form under the “Sessions” form.

(And no, I don’t do nudity in my sessions, it’s just a professional modeling photoshoot I was hired to do.)

Send me your City if you’d like to session, if not these two, and I’ll try to plan it!


Dez Desire

4 thoughts on “Traveling for Sessions

  1. Dez, delighted to see you traveling. Thankful that you were able to make the situation with the blood clot short and now in the past.

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