The End of a Strange Year

Hey guys!!

I missed you here on this blog!

Guess what? Things are changing. I’m sure you realize that in many areas in your life, so I suppose I should be more specific.

My website has been revamped. Helpful changes have been made. I hope you like it! I have some really cool people that have come into my life in this strange year.

This site only launched in February of 2020. Since then we’ve had the chance to iron out any snafus and kinks that it may have had. As well as style it more suitable to my style…. ass kicking.

Now that a full year is approaching, I’ve decided to make more changes. Although I would LOVE for you to register for my site, it is no longer necessary. You will be able to see all the content on here.

Videos will be updated weekly or bi-weekly, as this has become my baby. Blog posts will be regularly. I can’t wait to share more with you all.

Please keep checking back over here for all the new content– I just LOVE making the videos for you guys! I LOVE the production, the scripts and being able to improvise and use acting skills. But I especially use the thousands of hours of training for your entertainment. Please keep those custom video orders coming!

Keep checking back over here for new blog updates. I am aware I tend to be more active with real time updates on my Instagram. That’s (@DezDwrestler) and mostly because only because it’s rather convenient. If you message me there, I may reply once or twice, but I will direct you to my site. This site at for any business/session/custom inquiries.

So please bookmark my site. I am dedicated to providing the best content. The best of the best out there. I am the ONLY trained Professional wrestler in this scene with all the other skill sets. That includes competitive BJJ practitioner AND state sanctioned MMA fighter on the mixed wrestling scene. AS WELL as an actor with film and TV commercials (I have an IMDB page- private from this world, thanks for understanding). AND performance art experience (interpretive dance, stilt walking).

Let me do what I do best. For you, for us and for our awesome scene I’m so proud to be part of.

#mixedwrestling is life #sessionWrestling for life


Dez Desire

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