Submission #3 Neil Knot

Neil Knot

You are such an easy victim. A simple basic suplex puts you to the ground where you land on your back, not ready for what’s to come. I quickly butt drop you, forcing any air from your gut, almost making you want to puke. I slide my knees up into your armpits. I grab your wrists, pathetically trying to push me away. I lean to the side and roll over. You are now in my “guard”. I squeeze my thighs together. My muscular adductors pressure your sensitive floating ribs, and you yelp like a scared child. I reach up with my hands around the back of your neck and I pull your head down, toward me. I let go of your head, and you, as expected, try to sit up again. As you do that, I grab your left wrist with my left hand and sit up onto my right elbow. I ope n my guard, placing my feet on the ground and by now, I’m nearly on your side. I’m so close to you. I have a great angle I could even take your back and get behind you even with your arm dangling behind me. But I decide not to. I want to try something spec more so ial. I fall back to the mat, on my right side, and I pull you deep. Deep in that I take my left art and place it under my knee, and grab my right hand, who’s forearm is pressing into your neck. I’m in a high attack. Your right arm is vulnerable. I c ould even continue into an om something oplat a. But still, you have no defense and I still want to try special. I release my right and slither it under your chin, along your neck. My left leg is over your shoulder and now over the back of your neck and I gr ab the shin with my right hand. My left hand, which is still resting under my knee of that top leg, grabs the right’s forearm. shape, literally — This is creating a triangle my left forearm along the right side of your neck holding the forearm of my right ar m. My right arm pressed against the left side of the neck’s carotid artery, and grabbing my shin, and my left leg, over your shoulder and back, your right arm between my legs, and you not even able to cry for help as the blood is too abruptly getting shut down. You struggle. I laugh. You go out. I keep laughing.

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Choke, Choke, Choke…