Still going… virus scare me not! London, Germany

In case anyone was wondering, I’m still going to be attending pippa’s event this Saturday the 7th in London. At the submission room. I’ve had some people ask me if I was concerned about traveling with the virus thing… But I’m not really scared of anything at all ever.

Unfortunately I do not have any openings for private sessions while I’m in the UK from Wednesday to Sunday. However, on Saturday during the event there will be opportunities for mini sessions between the hours of 3 and 8 pm.

And there are a couple of openings for Cologne Germany from the 8 through the 10th. And then two maybe three openings in Frankfurt, double sessions with Amazon Warrior also available, on the 11th and 12th next week.

4 thoughts on “Still going… virus scare me not! London, Germany

    1. Hi
      Obviously I had to leave.
      Email me with “London” in the subject line and ill be sure to let you know when I make plans to go back over.

  1. Yes good numbers posted there to keep things in perspective, mosquitoes are evil winged vampires! I don’t happily kill bugs as I did when I was a kid as I’ve learned to value life but mosquitoes will always be on the hitlist! (Killed plenty of them my last two visits to Taiwan, dare say it became a sport for me hehe) In the past I’ve killed flies by throwing pens at them many times (I usually took many throws to get them I won’t lie, sometimes however I was superhuman and got them 1st try, my finest moment was one on the ceiling, I chucked the pen straight up at it and DEAD)

    Add pollution, tobacco, plastic contamination to that list of deaths and it goes to show how skewed governments are too when they supposedly care about saving lives! Glad you got to travel when you did as things have tightened up a lot from then on.

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