Soft Opening…

That’s the term they used to call a grand opening before it was the official grand opening. A Soft Opening to sort of work out the Kinks before they officially put themselves out there to the public. At least in the restaurant business. I worked a lot in the restaurant and bars and often was on staff for the grand opening of a lot of really wonderful restaurants.

so I’m taking that term and using it here for my web page… I’ve noticed that a lot of my session clients who I’ve met personally and others that may have known me already through other websites like Utopia Entertainment, have found me here before I have officially made an announcement for this website.

I’m still working out the Kinks. So bear with me while this is still under construction.

and you know what, it would be super helpful if you guys, the large handful of you guys who have already registered here, could give me some feedback and tell me what you’d like to be sure to see so that I can put it all out there for you and tied up with a pretty bow and put it out for all of my session and custom wrestler enthusiasts.


and stay updated. I have some sanctioned MMA fights in the future. Once again, anything I do outside of sessions and Customs, I’d like to keep separate. So please give me the respect of not mentioning names if you know any of my other five names, LOL!

I just got hit up from a company who is asking if I would do some bare knuckle boxing. I looked at some videos… Those chicks are rough! But my strength is grappling and wrestling and submissions and then kicks and then punches… I think I would do bare-knuckle fighting…. Could be devastating if I had them in a hold where they cannot block they’re poor face….