Dez Desire

Welcome to my world!

Thank you so much for becoming a part of my world. Look forward to interacting with you and someday meeting you in person. This site would be frequently updated with fresh new content – so visit often.

A few rules:

  • Please do not repost content from this site anywhere else. This is a free site, if you need to post please post a link with the url for this site. I will appreciate you for the traffic you direct my way. Who knows, one day you may even get that little something special back from me that you would appreciate.
  • Please respect my privacy as you would want me to respect yours.  I have a life outside of Dez Desire, so if you know my other identities either via Google or through content that I post here – please keep it to yourself, do not post anywhere else or make it public. It needs to remain a secret between us.
  • If you violate my rules – I will hunt you down and find you and the hurt that I put on you then will be bad! See below to find out what I do to people who cross me.