I possess a unique combination of skills, which sets me apart from other session providers. I’m both an athlete and an entertainer. I played basketball in school and have since then trained as a professional wrestler. Over the last several years, I have added MMA, boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai to my skill set, and train each of these disciplines several hours a day.

I am tall and naturally strong. With just my natural strength alone I could out muscle most of you, however when combined with my training and technique, you simply don’t have a prayer. Still don’t believe me? Read some of the reviews below and see what former skeptics have said.

To the lift and carry fans – I have been photographed body slamming a 285lb man.

My clients have told me that I get it – what they wanted from the session. I will always try my hardest to make sure you leave satisfied. Dez can be as gentle or as rough as you Desire. To book a session with me, fill out the BOOKING FORM.