Session Wrestling – hello my grappling victims

Hello Grappling Victims and Session Wrestling fans,

We started training at my gym this week. Feels great to be back at getting punched and thrown around. We are in phase 2 so the governor included gyms opening. To me, this means session wrestling is good to go here and I want to see my grappling victims.

It’s challenging to “stay safe”, as my teammates and I are punching, kicking, giving take downs, squashing, giving submissions and chokes to each other for 2 hours straight. I know none of you could last even 15 minutes of our training! Try me. 😉

I’m really interested in getting a GoPro camera– I watched a friend’s time lapse video he recorded with a gopro hero 8 (waterproof) while he was on a job site (construction) and it was really cool! My cell phone runs out of memory all the time because i take so many pictures and videos and so I cannot do it while I’m at the gym, I cannot keep it running, that is.

A GoPros quality is so much cleaner and my friend said it takes up less memory because it’s not actually a video when he does time lapse, it’s actually a series of photos and you can program it to take a photo every one second up to 30 seconds.

This could be a game changer to my video production skills! I”m not sure if you’re aware, actually I hope you are not, because I prefer to keep my personal life private (I do have a few personas, however, please keep them seperated), but I do have quite a bit of acting experience. I’ve been on sets as an actress, sound guy, craft services, and PA. But I prefer acting. Yet, I just LOVE the whole idea of film and production. I’m still fairly new to this niche of a world, subsidizing my pro MMA and pro wrestling careers (please do not talk about those if you happen to know), but perhaps in the future I can get into creating amazing session GIRL POWER content that you so desire.

Lastly…. the GOPRO, if I had one, I’d love to record an actual training of our professional MMA practice. I put one on my Amazon wish list.

Hopefully soon I will save for one– this virus has put us all back financially!!

I hope you all are well, otherwise.

Thank you for the video purchases recently! This one has been selling well:

My female teammates and I, their faces blurred for privacy. They do not session wrestle, only I do. But any one of them could literally kick your ass into submission. Grappling fun! Fighting Fun! Woman power fun! Maybe one day they’ll get into Session Wrestling.

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  1. You have a pretty high opinion of yourself if you think none of us could last 15 minutes. If you are right the real danger to you and your training partners is from each other rather than from Covid. I’m sure clean gear and showering before and after training should keep all of you safe from the virus. Not sure what you can do to keep safe from the badasses you train with. I know you are a woman with many talents, who wears many hats. wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

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