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Lift and Carry 200lb Man

I lift and carry a man in many ways. More ways than you have ever heard of. Here, I lift and carry a 200lb man.

Really, if you check out the LNC forum, you will see rave review of my lifts. They call me the Lift and Carry Queen. This is because I have actual, legitmate professional wrestling training. I take pride in being a larger woman who can lift up other bodies. Lifting bodies is not like lifting weights- stiff bars that don’t wiggle or kick. Lifting another human is something else, and requires much practice to build the stability and muscles.

I like lifting this scared little chap. Not so little, I suppose. A chubby 200lbs is rather large. That’s no problem for me. My shoulders are strong here, and my core is active. My long and lean muscular legs take some of the work, but it requires the entire body to carry a moving human around.

There is a unique lift where I get him from cradle to above my head and then to the back of my neck. I like to maneuver him around all while he is scared I’ll drop him. But of course, i never do. I always know what I’m doing. Swooping him up, I lift him only my shoulder while you can see my thigh muscles and core flex to stabilize this moving weight.

Check it out, if you wish to be lifted. My first 3 blogs posts on the type of lift and carries I can do. I explain them, too.

Lift and Carry my Man- Let’s Get Lifted!

Nearly 6 minutes straight of Lift and Carry! Lifting and carrying without this Man’s feet touching the ground.

A cool, groovy song, “Let’s Get Lifted” plays. And I mean this ‘getting lifted’ more literally than what the song means it to be. I ask the clown, “Wanna get High?” I don’t leave him a chance to answer because I grab the guy quickly and move him around my strong, muscular, sturdy body for the entire duration of the video. Literally, I absolutely maneuver this 190lb guy around my body with my strength, grace and expertise. If this does not impress you, you try to hold another human in your arms for ANY amount of time.

I have a fondness for a man in a mask. It makes me feel like I covered his manhood. Saturated any manliness with the cover and then with my muscular control. I enjoy lifting a masked man. A scared, helpless man. So, instead of proving my strength and dominance through grappling, control and submissions, I decide to help this guy get high for as long as I can.

He moves with ease from my back, to my shoulder, to my front, into my arms, around my side, back to my shoulder, and on my backside. I go for a big push to get him high, super high. He couldn’t get higher. He’s never been so utterly high. I go to press his big body up… whoopsy! I may dump him at one point, but it would be a fun trip, and of course, I would not let him hit too hard- I am a professional.

My Lift and Carry is one of a kind, as you will read on the LandC Forum.

Live Session Footage 165lb Man’s Lifting Desires

Ever wondered what a Lift and Carry Session is like?

Dez fulfilled a 165lb masked man’s lifelong Desire. His desire was to be lifted and carried like he weighs nothing. He previously had a couple of other sessions with other session girls had left him feeling unsatisfied. Unfortunately, not all session workers have the training and size advantage like Dez Desire does.

This client saw some of Dez’s videos easily lifting men that weighed much more than he weighs. He saw his dream of Dez lifting him. Imagine his state of mind when he saw that Dez planning a trip to HIS town –  he is beyond thrilled. He emails and books the session with Dez. He asked if he could film the session. Dez said he had to be okay with it going public. He was totally cool with the video going VIRAL! No Problem, Dez says!

Finally, the day came. They have the awesome lift and carry session. What a session it was for him! He was lifted in a pile driver, a body slam, fireman carry, cradle, piggy back, front piggy. He is on Dez’s shoulders for 5 minutes straight moving from two shoulders to one shoulder and back. Dez even walks with him over unstable mattress with complete ease. See it for yourself!

Dez woman handles him with ease. She totally fulfilled this masked man’s Desires and beyond. He is now one of her biggest fans and can’t wait for the next opportunity when his body and spirits can be uplifted by Dez again.

Dez was nursing a major injury when this video was done. She was still able to carry him around in a variety of ways. Think of what she can do now that she is healthy again!

Lift and Carry, Pro Wrestling – Bear Hug Madness

Revenge is a sweet thing. Is this why Dez wants to seek revenge on this poor unassuming Luchador, using tight bear hugs, lift and carry techinques, and vengeance?

A match is set up. A referee is called. A ring is arranged. He awaits his opponent. But unfairly, much like Dez, she attacks this poor sap from behind before the bell rings. He had no idea what was coming his way. It is clear then, that there is no chance for him to get back on top.

Dez enjoys herself. She seems to have a thing for these luchadores. And in this case, she Bear Hugs him so tight he almost passes out. Over and over and over. A bear hug so tight his body goes limp. He groans in pain. She tosses him around. She kicks him while he’s down. The ref is fearful of her from the beginning. Clearly, he is neither a match for the ruthless Dez Desire, so allows her heel ways to ensue. Does he have a choice anyway? He sees the tall, black boots she wears and does not want them stomping on him.

For 10 minutes this debauchery occurs. Lift and Carry. Bear hugs. The luchador receives numerous lifts. She carries him around the ring. The torture racks are back to back and look extremely Painful. How does his non flexible body handle it? It looks like she will break him. She threatens the ref, shivering in his wrestling shoes the entire match. Dez uses her tall, black leather boots to stomp on the luchador. These badass boots match her leather biker jacket. It makes her look like she will kick anyone’s ass. Let’s include the life-threatening bear hugs and strenuous torture racks!! How does this women lift another wrestler of 200lbs!?! This is heavier than her! With the sweet drive of revenge. Dez has many chips on her shoulders. She desires to fulfill her vengeance. Fulfilling her desires, as usual. That is what Dez does.

POV Lift and Carry by Two Amazon Muscle Woman

We want to lift you, and carry you. We want lift and carry. And we know you want it too. We can give it to you. Here we are to pick your weak ass up off the ground. Don’t be scared… yet. Take this POV lift and carry experience to the fullest.

You’re so tiny in our arms. Our muscular, strong arms do more work physically in a day then you do in a month. This is because you’re weak. Puny and weak. You will allow us to woman handle you as we wish.

Lifted By Amazons: Standing 6’5″ in heels, Goddess Rapture and Dez Desire easily tower over most men. Feeling bad because you’re so short, they tag team you and bring you up to their level with some lift & carry. You feel your feet dangling beneath you as they pick you up high. Using fireman carries, cradles, wall presses, and piggybacks, you can’t help but to be excited about this. Finally, you are now eye level with your favorite tall Goddesses. Awww, that is so cute, they say. But that don’t mean it. They are making fun of you. You are short, weak and lame.

Your excitement soon fades as Dez and Rapture lay in the insults on you. They continuously make fun of you the entire time, laughing at your short comings.. In the very few instances they put you down, they force you to lay on your stomach, and worship their sexy Goddess feet. After you complete that task, you are invited to challenge them in an armwrestling challenge. They know you don’t stand a chance. But you obey. You try your best. “Noodle Arm!” is their reaction to your effort. You still try to win, but of course, you lose. Make sure to say thank you; it’s not often a little dweeb like you gets to be used and lifted by perfect Amazon Goddesses.