Recap of My UK and Germany Tour

I tried… I tried to post daily to keep ya’ll, my loyal and interested fans and supporters, updated with the adventure of my first session trip abroad. Although I’ve traveled a bit internationally, I have never participated in my beloved wrestling sessions in another country until this trip. I had no idea what to expect.

What do you think happened?

How do you think it went?

I had heard that session guys in the UK were naughty. I heard Germans wanted to go hard. I heard the girls were tough… not much of that was accurate.

Everything was– Everyone was……..


Day 1 Wednesday

I landed in Heathrow, took a train for an hour or so, got off a stop, and Ubered straight to Pippa’s where I began a 2 hour wrestling session. Fortunately Pip’s has a shower room there so I was able to freshen up before the session.

Fresh and ready.

What a fun session with a tall, strong, funny Irish man. Still no match for me. 2 hours of making fun of him.

Another awesome session after, with a language barrier that did not seem to matter, as wrestling is a universal language.

Made it to my hotel.

Cool place.

Now rest and acclimate to the time travel…. ZZZZZzzzz

Day 1

Thursday Day 2

I wake every morning two hours before I have to go somewhere because I do these particular breathing exercises, part opening of the hips, breathing techniques and meditation. Only takes about 20 minutes. I began this last year after a weekend retreat with and Indian Mystic, and after that, I would partake in this ritual several days of the week, but not every morning– i felt it trickier to do because you cannot have any food in your stomach when you do it, so mornings are best. It wasn’t until this new year I decided to do it every single day. And since the beginning of 2020, I have. It has had profound effects. I won’t get too far into it. Perhaps another time.

Nonetheless, this morning I was VERY tired. I did not want to get up, but I had to do my routine and wanted to get the delicious free breakfast provided by the hotel. I noticed my shoulder was ACHY!! I had been cleared by the doc a week prior to begin rehab from an injury I received sometime last fall (October), and finally it had felt GREAT. But the Sunday before I departed for the UK, I was in a match where the girl, after saying she’d be “very careful, very soft” hammerlocked my arm behind my back and since then it was sore, but this morning it was throbbing! I was a bit concerned. Aw, shit. I said. I brought my Hidow and felt the electricity run into the area, hoping it would help.

I headed to Pippa’s after breakfast.

Pippa had a custom video to film with me that morning with a beautiful lady named Athena. We wrestled. You’ll have to peep that for sure!!

Custom video– me vs Athena

My first session is an hour of strength tests. The client is super strong. I had sessioned with him in Vegas the year before. Let’s just say, my scores this time compared to last time, were FAR worse. He understood my injury. I was bummed. I was excited It was supposed to be well enough for this trip, but whatever happed right before really screwed me over. However, it was great to see him again.

I got a really cool lift and carry session after that. I came up with a new lift I had never done, and my client was strong and balanced so he was a great person to lift!

Gettin lifted

I then had a long session with a tall Viking-looking fella who wanted to roll around in our gi’s. We are both blue belts. We made that mat room so steamy and our gi’s soaked with sweat. It was quite cool!

After, I had a session request the hotel. I returned to the hotel and wrestled a cool dude. He gave me a challenge to choke out, and I joked with him that he had too skinny of a neck. By this time, I was blown away at how cool everyone had been.

He ded. 😜

Friday Day 3

Friday morning I missed breakfast. I was just too tired. My injury ACHED. I stretched it with my band. I did my breathing and eventually caught an Uber to Scorpions. Scorpion has a great reputation, has been in the industry and is experienced, and she is SO cool!!!! I loved meeting her. Just mellow, funny and cool. I filmed several matches with her and her people– Laken Fire, AWESOME and very FLEXIBLE girl with a bootay I could not stop staring at, then I beat up a long skinny masked man SquishyStax on Twitter (Scorpion has a really great clip of what I did to him on Twitter), and then a UK vs USA match with Inferno, a fiery red head that talked a lot of shit about my country so I had to give her the real history of America. It was so much fun. I didn’t want to leave there. I wanted to watch the rest of the matches but I had to go directly back to the location for sessions. Even though I wanted to stay, I was excited for my sessions.

Laken Fire and Dez
Scorpion sent this to me. She loved it so much.

I had a long session with a very large, very strong German. Extremely good a defense, but does not try too much offense, which was good as I had to muscle anything from this fella who liked to stay on his back. I will say one thing– I got a legitmate, a REAL boston crab on this big guy!!!!! Thanks to the wall! I had flipped him over finally, had his legs so his back was arched, and his muscular legs went to straighten and go toward the mat, which would have slammed me into the mat, but instead, the wall was there so the top of my head banged into the wall, allowing me to keep ahold of his legs and I sat back and he tapped. Oh boy he tapped! This guy also has a great reputation with the girls, and it was again, another priviledge to session with such a person.

After that, my client came straight from the office, and once he was not in his business suit, I was surprised to see how serious he was. Although very lean and only the same weight as myself, he was extremely strong. I think he said he had been called “wirey and strong”. At one point, he had a very tight head scissor on me, and that was by far the closest I had been to tapping out at that point, but I did not. He tired as I held off, stars swirling.

I then had another long session after that at the hotel, as requested by the client. I felt so bad because walking back to the hotel from the venue took longer than I meant to and he was kind enough to understand and wait. I enjoyed this easygoing session with very interesting conversation.

Saturday Day 4

The day of Pippa’s Submission Room event! At this point, I feel like I’ve been in London for a month.

I had expressed to her that I was quite thankful for her to invite me over. I am very grateful that I get to do the job that I do, and so I don’t take these traveling opportunities for granted. Pippa had a couple customs for me to film in before the event. The first was a really awesome beatdown video for and HOUR straight with the one and only Sativa Mist. Man that woman is something else. You have to watch that video and see how Sativa and I work together, I could say we have a similar style… The guy was malled, let’s just say. After, I had a custom match with Blond Crusher…. that woman has some GUNS!! She’s a wild ball of muscle. I was glad it was over because I wanted to save myself for the event later that evening.

Some of us and Pippa.

The event. You. Will. Have. To. Get. The. Videos. I had three matches. After, I had several mini-sessions with really cool session clients. We all rolled around the large mat in mini sessions before we went out to eat. Dinner was just at delicious as the conversation and the company, the guys, the girls, and Pippa. I was ready to sleep… had to leave the next day, but after on last morning London session. I, for the first time, bought and took some ibuprofen after the week that just passed.

Me vs KillPussy

Sunday morning Day 5

Sunday morning I was thankful I packed up the night before. I headed to the wrestling venue and had a great session with what my notes say “Big Tall Strong and Stiff German man”. He was lovely. He was not a brut, but again, these Germans are tough! I was happy to have ended my London experience with a great session.

I was quite tired after that that I just forked over the cash and took and Uber all the way to Gatwick. I slept the entire way.

I landed in Cologne, Germany. It was an easy trip from the airport to my Marriott Hotel.

Although I was a bit tired from all the sessions and the travel overall, I checked into the hotel first then opted to rent a scooter and I zoomed around the city of Cologne for 4 hours. It’s a beautiful city!

I went to my room and cleared a large floor space and pulled the giant king sized mattress to the floor. This acts as a wrestling mat when we are not able to bring our puzzle mats.

My first session was later that evening and he was aware of my “acting skills” and had a scenario for me. It called for acting which was easy, and also some more one-sided aggression. It was much fun!

I got to get to sleep!

Everthing was WOW in Cologne

Monday Day 6

I slept all the way in until just before my first session, of course, I allowed enough time to do my breathing exercises.

My first session was a fellow who was as sweet as can be, but simply didn’t understand my high level of skills and why I could escape everything I allowed him to put me in, and he could not escape mine. It was so cute how confused he was by how easy wrestling was for me. If you trained this everyday for years like I do, it should be easy against someone who does not. He claimed if he was in the shape he used to be in, I’d not have a chance. I laughed.

He could not understand how he could not get out of ANY thing I put him in. Even this clip, I’m not even trying, and he says you’re not so heavy, how can I not get out??

For the life of me… at this moment, my memory eludes me on this next session. I know I enjoyed the session, but I did not write about it in my notes. That’s why I write notes– so I can remember because I usually forget EVERYTHING! But he was a last minute session, was really cool, really fun. I wore my black gi the entire time, and choked him using my lapel a bit.

The last session of the evening was hilarious. This small, skinny character was a firecracker, and very excited to fight. He requested I wear my gi, as well. We came out of the gate hot. The problem was, he wore himself out early in the hour. He was small enough for me to toss around, but I will say he was quick– and quick to talk shit. I gave it right back and man handled him, choking him with my gi lapel which he claimed was “cheating”. I said that’s what you do in jiu jitsu– you use your gi as a weapon. Plus, he requested it!! LOL! At the end I put him in a tight headlock until he could take no more. I also finally made him admit, this is the YEAR of the woman. At first, he would only claim ONE day for women…. he knows better now.

Finally a german beer in germany.

It was about 10pm when I decided to utilize the sauna in the hotel. I headed down to the fitness center, and found the door for the sauna. As I was looking around, a NAKED man emerged from the shower. Caught off guard, I said, “Oh, sorry I thought this was coed!” being sure not to look down. He replied, “Oh yeah, it is. It’s just not very American to go nude in Saunas, but it’s normal here.” I nodded. “He then continued, “I will say I at least had a towel on while I was in the sauna.” And he chuckled. He headed out and I enjoyed the sauna for about 30 minutes, before I felt the heat in my shoulder heat up so much, I decided to head out. But before I went to my room to sleep, I enjoyed my first German beer in Germany with the hotel bartender. I had considered going to hit the night life, check out the scenery on my own, but I was just tooooo tired. I enjoyed the conversation with the bartender who was a wrestling fan, and was disappointed to tell me he had to miss the wrestling show WXW in Oberhausen the last few nights because his wife did not want him to catch the virus. I pondered if I was at risk…. Nah, I said. Not at all.

Day 7 Tuesday

The next morning, I was to check out and get on a train to Frankfurt, but first, a 3 hour session. How can I wrestle for 3 hours after the week I’ve had?!?!? I went for a delicious breakfast in the hotel that was included with my stay. I headed up back to the room. When the session began, I was happy to know this person had previously sessioned with my dear friend Warrior Amazon. I just love that girl. The 3 hours flew by. I could tell my body had gotten into better condition just since the beginning of my trip, where I came a bit out of my typical shape because of the injections I was receiving for my injury that called for literally “no exercise” (PRP injections, Plasma Rich Protein). But I had gained strength (other than that arm, again), leaned out, and gotten in quite the routine of how to out wrestle seemingly all these dudes. The company for 3 hours was awesome and it was a great fight the entire time. I did have to tell him, as strong as he was, he had terrible balance, and that was what made it easy for me to do…. everything.

When that session ended, I had to check out. I checked out and before my train departed, I enjoyed a couple German beers at a local pub, climbed the stairs to the amazing church, and rode the train a little over an hour to have the beautiful Warrior Amazon pick me up at Central Station in Frankfurt.

I choose Marriott wherever possible for ample wrestling space.

When I finally arrived to Frankfurt, I realized I got off at the wrong stop– it said Frankfurt, so I jumped off… apparently there are three Frankfurt stops. She waited for me while I took the underground to Central. Then there she was, as bright and lovely as can be. Full lips, luscious hair flowing, muscles bulging from under her garments. A true Warrior. We walked to her apartment, chatted, and went to sleep. I was exhausted.

On the train to Frankfurt.
Cologne, Germany

Day 8 Wednesday

Warrior Amazon took me around that day. I realize why now people say coffee in America is yucky. It is SOOO much better in Germany. Warrior was so considerate to consider my jiu jitsu training and took me to her gym where I received awesome instruction in nogi bjj. It was so much fun and people were super friendly. She showed me around old Frankfurt and told me about the town.

Warrior Amazon made me german breakfast.

Warrior had known about my injury, and she set up an appointment for a physio to come and work on both of us. He was AMAZING!! He had magic hands. He spoke english very well, and I had expressed that I was not going to tell him about my problem area, because by then I felt like I was being a baby about my pain. I though, maybe I’m focusing on it too much. But once he started working on my latissimus, he knew immediatly. He said, “you have a shouler problem.” He helped me mentally understand that i had to stop holding it in one position, which I was only doing to protect it for the last several days.

Me and Warrior 😍

That evening, we only had one double session. The client like to be trampled on, so he thought 145 KILOS was a good thing to try out. I don’t know how his bones did not crush!! We have snippets of videos from that session, and doing that session with Warrior Amazon made me feel like a giggly school girl– we practiced dance moves while standing on his body, we did ballet kicks, we swapped places without falling off of his body, we played good ol’ American rock and roll and danced the session away, all while our guy groaned and grunted. It was so much fun. I have a small video for sale of this session, it’s well worth the few bucks to see Amazon and I giggling like little girls.


We went out to eat after, and to get there, she took me through the Red Light District. It was crazy to see groups of people smoking powery white stuff and sticking needles in their arms right in front of me, on the sidewalk. It was only around the corner from where tourists go. I didn’t find them scary, or dangerous. I felt sorry for them. We referred to them as “zombies” because of the way the lumbered around, looking brain dead and… well, dead.

We found the restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal. Some of her friends showed up there and we went with them to a Shisha place. Good company, good times. She claims that even though Frankfurt is a big city, it is actually small, and you will always see someone you know when out.

As I got ready for bed, I received news that President Trump was going to close the US borders, especially for anyone coming from Europe. Friends contacted me asking about it and if I was okay, if I was going to be stuck in Europe. Amazon and I decided that if I were to be stuck in Germany, she and I would go session together in the Netherlands the following week. Little did we know that all the closures would keep domino-ing, closing off country after country.

After training with Muh Gurl!

Day 9 Thursday

Three, not one, not two but THREE potential sessions canceled. I sort of wasn’t surprised because usually when someone doesn’t want to pay a deposit, they flake. It was okay. I was tired. Amazon took me to jiui jitsu training. Again, great instruction, great rolls with local grapplers, and even got worked on a little bit again by the physio. Frankfurt is really cool– the tram will take you anywhere. It’s a beautiful city and this beautiful friend I have that I met through sessions was so kind, so hospitable, so considerate. She even paid for my tram ticket each day– 5 euros a day which can really add up for a local!

After a hard BJJ nogi training.

On the way home, Amazon took me to numerous sightseeing places throughout Frankfurt. She was an amazing host. She is a great friend. She’s actually a very wonderful person. I fell in love with her when we were waiting at the crosswalk and although there were no cars coming, the light was still red and she said she would normally cross even if there’s a red light but not when there’s kids around. And I asked why? Because it would be a bad example to the kids? And she said yes.

Day 10 Friday

The next morning I took the ride to the airport. Check-in was easy and when I landed in London I switched planes to get on a large plane filled for a direct flight to Las Vegas. To my enjoyment I had a 30-person stag party group heading to Vegas and endured their drunken Shenanigans and feet kicking and other annoyances. But I was happy to be able to go home. I watched four amazing movies in the 11 hours (that’s a lot for me). Foreign films Guang and Gully boy, and Honey Boy and Freaks. Also a short film called Skin.

When I arrived home everyone was in a panic and freaking out. I just allowed myself to remember the great time I just experienced. I just rode the wave of enjoyment through this panic and actually, I still am.

I’m so thankful for finding this little niche and being able to do what I do with sessions and making custom videos for doing these things that I love.. Wrestling!

That sunday I took a hike in my back yard….

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