Pile Driver with a Hot Blonde!

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Have you ever seen a piledriver given to a hot blonde?

There is a muscular blonde beauty coming around and she thinks she’s ready for the sessions and customs world. Her name is Hot Lauren. Dez doesn’t think just any hot female can do well in the industry– you have to have real skill, real muscles, and real personality. Can Lauren hack it? Can she step up to Dez to see if she’s ready for the industry? Is she able to handle piledrivers as this Hot Blonde named Lauren by the one and only Dez Desire?

Hot Lauren makes her sneak attack. Dez is taken aback at first, and although she can feel Lauren’s strength as Lauren’s muscular arms wrap around Dez, her technical skills don’t add up yet. They certainly don’t add up to being able to take Dez down. Dez reverses the moves. Everytime.

Then the girls have a bout in which you can tell who might have a bit more experience, but there is no denying the Heart of this newcomer, Hot Lauren. Because the match was not planned, both of them forgot to take off their knee high school socks. Subsequently, this makes it particularly sexy of them-  Hot Lauren’s strong legs exemplifying the socks, and Dez’s strong arms holding Lauren up, lifting and carrying her as those socks kick about. She gives numerous a’ piledriver to this Hot Blonde!

So many times Dez reverses Laurens attacks to gain top position- her skill and technique the only way she can control this fight. There are several lift and carry moments. You’ll see a few scary, and foresaken piledrivers. There are tombstone and regular piledrivers galore. Lauren and Dez have at it and by the end of the very exciting tussel, they share an understanding. Lauren wants to learn more and Dez wants to teach her. They share that, and a kiss… or two.

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12 minutes

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  1. Dez, you do know, “knocking some sense” into someone is only a figure of speech? Pile driving Hot Lauren isn’t going to teach how to become a top rated session and video performer. For everyone’s sake I hope you didn’t beat all the desire out of Hot Lauren.

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