One of my best Female Female lift carry video to date

In this lift and carry revenge story, you’ll see a turning of events. Of powerful female competition, cattiness and emotions.

Have you ever seen such a strong person be so vulnerable at the same time?

As tough as she is, Dez has a soft side, especially when it comes to her huge crush with a hot dude.

Dez is waiting for her lover to pick her up on a date. He’s late, and he hasn’t been replying to her texts. She finds this rather strange and grows impatient and worried.

In comes this hot petite blonde who breaks it to Dez that “Lance”, isn’t into her anymore. She claims instead he was with this little blonde all night last night, even revealing personal details to prove it.

What?!?!? Dez is in disbelief. But when the woman finally is fully convincing that Lance was rocking her world last night, Dez does what Dez knows best.

Dez swoops her up and lifts her first with a bear hug from behind, out of rage. She gets more dirty information out of the blonde. Dez continues to pick her up in various holds, spanking her firm ass asking if that’s what he did. The more that is divulged, the more lifts Dez gives. She squeezes her strong thighs and asks if that’s what happened last night. The blond says yes, yes, and angers Dez even more. This causes even more lifts and even more panty revealing, ass spanking, dirty talking, anger turned interest.

Yes, that’s right. By the end of the lifts and the carries, much more than panties is revealed. Along with the revealing, Dez realizes she’s fallen for this cute, muscular, fun, petite lil tinkerbell.

A kiss to seal the deal.

Now the revenge is on the dude. Lift and Carry Revenge.

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