#6 Stretch Muffler


Stretch Muffler You’re actually standing up. You look nervous. I don’t think too much about it, and instead I swoop in for a double leg take down. I drive hard, and you hit the ground even harder. I maneuver to kneel between your legs while you’re flat on your back as I grab your right […]

#5 Pass the Eff Out


Arm Triangle Here we are again. You struggled to free yourself but somehow, I ended up in “mount” position, straddling you. I scoot down a little bit just enough to lay down and give you a strong grapevine with my long, lean legs. My chest is smothering you as I do this and the pressure […]

#4 I’ll Lift You


Torture Rack You look so wimpy, especially next to me. We stand side by side, you on my right, looking in a large mirror for comparisons. You’re no match for me. It looks like comparing a Mountain Lion to a carefree house cat. I prove it by squatting low, reaching between your legs from your […]

Submission #3 Neil Knot


Neil Knot You are such an easy victim. A simple basic suplex puts you to the ground where you land on your back, not ready for what’s to come. I quickly butt drop you, forcing any air from your gut, almost making you want to puke. I slide my knees up into your armpits. I […]

My Next Move #2 Lion Tamer


Crazy 8 By Dez Desire Lion Tamer You’re always on your back. And that’s because you don’t stand a chance against me. Any time I allow you to stand, I’ll put you out again. With a nice jab, or possibly a slam of some kind. Whatever I want to do to you, I can. But […]

Custom Video for You


As I’m sure you’re well aware, many of us girls who conduct sessions also participate in making custom videos. That means if you have something in your mind that you’d want to see any of us girls do, I get a lot of lifting carry or gorilla press request, then you can order your very […]

A Custom Story I Wrote

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I do love to write. Especially on these topics. 😉 Nose Bleed for Nose Bleed by DD Tina felt blood dripping from her nose. It trickled first from the inside before making an exit out onto her upper lip. She scrunched it, as if trying to feel it with out touching and thinking it would […]

Memories for Today

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I hope everyone is hanging in there. Sorry if this sounds insensitive or naive, as I realized the threat of deaths and the unfortunate deaths that have been caused by this, but I really find a lot of cool things about this quarantine situation. When I was in a kid, I grew up in a […]

Bear Hug Madness


Revenge is a sweet thing. But why does Dez want to seek revenge on this poor unassuming Luchador? She seems to have a thing for these Luchadors… And in this case, she Bear Hugs them so tight he almost passes out. A bear hug so tight his body goes limp. Not to mention torturous torture […]