#8 Cloverleaf

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Cloverleaf Submission It’s so easy to take you down. I stand face to face with you. Before you realize, I’ve reached down to grab both your ankles, and as I lift to the left side of me, my head barrels into your stomach, knocking you over. I have both your ankles under my left armpit […]

#7 Catch my Crucifix

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Catch Crucifix I watch you struggle to get back you your knees after a powerful body slam. Slamming you to the ground brings me great joy. You hit hard. You take a few gasping breaths, and you turn over onto your stomach. You feebly push yourself onto your hands and knees, still trying to catch […]

Video Issues Downloading

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Is FIXED!! My sincere apologies to the handful of people who purchased videos recently and we’re having a challenging time downloading them. Some of you guys I Wetransfer-ed you the files in the other guys I send you the new link and fortunately you got the videos you purchased, but I do apologize for the […]

#6 Stretch Muffler

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Stretch Muffler You’re actually standing up. You look nervous. I don’t think too much about it, and instead I swoop in for a double leg take down. I drive hard, and you hit the ground even harder. I maneuver to kneel between your legs while you’re flat on your back as I grab your right […]

#5 Pass the Eff Out

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Arm Triangle Here we are again. You struggled to free yourself but somehow, I ended up in “mount” position, straddling you. I scoot down a little bit just enough to lay down and give you a strong grapevine with my long, lean legs. My chest is smothering you as I do this and the pressure […]

#4 I’ll Lift You

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Torture Rack You look so wimpy, especially next to me. We stand side by side, you on my right, looking in a large mirror for comparisons. You’re no match for me. It looks like comparing a Mountain Lion to a carefree house cat. I prove it by squatting low, reaching between your legs from your […]

Submission #3 Neil Knot

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Neil Knot You are such an easy victim. A simple basic suplex puts you to the ground where you land on your back, not ready for what’s to come. I quickly butt drop you, forcing any air from your gut, almost making you want to puke. I slide my knees up into your armpits. I […]

My Next Move #2 Lion Tamer

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Crazy 8 By Dez Desire Lion Tamer You’re always on your back. And that’s because you don’t stand a chance against me. Any time I allow you to stand, I’ll put you out again. With a nice jab, or possibly a slam of some kind. Whatever I want to do to you, I can. But […]