Live Video Dez and Dummy

I had never done a live video, nor have I ever done cam work.

So I thought I’d show you what I have to work with and see if you’d like a custom video.

You interested?

If you have an Instagram, send me a message. Tell me you read this blog.

It’s @DezDWrestler on instagram


Dez your Desire

4 thoughts on “Live Video Dez and Dummy

  1. hello,
    I’m a subscriber on your instagram (and your site) and read your blog.
    I am interested in mixed competitive matches where you win: do you have a list of these videos that where i can buy? (i have few videos of you) you are a great fighter. Kisses

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for asking and thanks for getting the videos of me that you do have.
      YOu’ll just have to browse my “Video” tab… as far as full competitive matches… go ahead and email me and I can share links with you.
      There are other stores/producers that sell some that I do not sell.

      Please mention this is you, in the email.


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