Dez lifting 165lb masked man – Photos

I love doing lift and carry sessions. They have been my favorites. I can easily carry upto 220lbs, however as many of you know I had been nursing an injury over the last several months – which limited not just my ability to work out and stay in top shape, it affected my L&C sessions the most since I could not put full weight on that torn muscle. 

However upto certain light weights I was still able to do L&C so I continued to do those. 

Here are some pictures of what I did when I was “out of shape” and taking it easy. I will put up a video in the store later for sale – this 165lb masked guy stays on my shoulders for 5 minute straight and even with my injured self he was an easy victim. I even walk over unstable mattress carrying him in variety of ways. Full video available in video section for purchase.

Now that I am almost healed and in rehab, in the next couple of months I will be back to full strength and my top shape so watch out you lift and carry lovers – I will ragdoll and throw you around like you don’t even exist.

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