Lift and Carry #3 “Feeding” Position (Fallaway Slam Hold)

This is my third video in the types of lift and carry series.

Lift Example is the Fallaway Slam hold. I like to call it the “feeding position” well, you can see why. Little cry babies like him love it.

Here I am lifting this  200lb baby, while simultaneously chewing gum and rocking him. 

In Sessions lifts like this with upto 220 lbs.

What do you guys call this lift?



2 thoughts on “Lift and Carry #3 “Feeding” Position (Fallaway Slam Hold)

  1. Not sure what others call this lift, but for me it seems like a modified cradle carry.
    This is more of a wrestling lift since I’ve seen a lot of wrestlers hold their opponents in this position, like Mark Henry’s finisher ‘World’s Strongest Slam’.

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