#1 I’ll cradle you like the helpless baby you are

By Dez Desire

Catch Wrestling Cradle Sequence

You are so helpless on your back. So lame. I approach you with steady steps and as I approach, you turn to your right side and sort of curl up, like a beaten dog. Showing submissiveness but also trying to protect yourself. I step in between your legs and kneel. This is called half-guard, an attempt from you to protect yourself. I straddle your bent bottom leg, and your upper knee sadly tries to push me away, arms up to protect your swollen face. At that time, I take my hand closest to your pathetic head and grab your upper (left) wrist. I take my right hand, on the side of your rear, and I reach it from the ass-side of you and stick it up between your scrawny legs. With that hand I grab your subdued wrist from between your legs and control it. It feels like a limp noodle. I begin to press my chest and body weight down toward the ground to pressure your top thigh. Your upper side is tied up now with my one, right arm. Your free arm is pretty useless with all the pressure I am putting on you, and at that time, I reach my left arm around your neck, my armpit pressing against your upper (left), and I hug your head tight with my arm. My two hands reach for each other and when they meet, they grab that powerful ā€œSā€ grip and I squeeze. You feel your left thigh get squeezed to meet your stomach, your knee being forced to your head, and your head being pushed to your knee. You are in my cradle. But the only way this is going to rock you to sleep, is with lack of oxygen and pain. I see your hand tapping, but I wait until you pass out. Just because.

Photos coming soon to each descriptions.

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