I used to dance.

I would call myself a performance artist. That would be because I didn’t only dance, but I did a lot of emotive movements and Theatrical types of performances.I took myself to Circus school and learned Ariel and I still actually walk on stilts as a still Walker for various gigs more often birthday parties and parades.that was the only thing I liked about sports growing up, was that I was entertaining people. But my whole life I was an athlete and had always been a competitor. And I’m not exaggerating when I say since the age of five.I could go into a lot of detail but it’s been a really cool pass going from all the sports in a junior Olympian to wanting to do acting in theater and then being a snowboard competitor and instructor and then getting into performance art, acting gigs in local television commercials and other Independent films, teaching adult dance classes, and other types of dance and then finding Brazilian jiu-jitsu… and fighting MMA, and of course, working as a professional wrestler.finding Jiu-Jitsu gave me the discipline I never had before but always needed.traveling the states as well as the world doing professional wrestling bookings also made me realize what’s my body is capable of. That’s why I’m so good at lifts and Carries.maybe someday I’ll talk about my story but in the meantime I’m happy to say that I appreciate and enjoy where I am today. I enjoy sessions very much as I feel like I’m practicing while getting to know really awesome people. It’s fun to dominate without having to be some kind of dominatrix, and administering the discipline that you need.I think that making videos is one of the coolest things I can do! I love the competitive videos cuz I love grappling, and the other combats that I’ve learned, but I also love any acting element that people ask for as well. And I’m My Own producer and director so that’s a lot of fun! I really wish I had a nice camera though.I’ll tell my stories and snippets on this blog so stay updated with me here and hopefully one day we can have a session together if we haven’t already. And we can get to know each other. I’m thankful to Jennifer Thomas and session girls for this new world I’ve been able to be part of for the last couple of years.in the meantime, here’s a picture from me rehearsing a dance number with my friend.