Historical Times

My darlings, I hope that you are staying productive and entertained during these strange times.

I must say, as strange as they are, I am so fascinated and I think that it is actually really cool. I really think that to experience this once-in-a-lifetime type of thing, that really isn’t that threatening and we shouldn’t be too scared, but we should definitely be concerned and take all precautionary measures, I still think that we should also take advantage of this. This lifestyle change can only be good for all of us. I think it’s so good to take a step back and look at everything in a different perspective. I think that somethings we might have taken for granted we appreciate more. I think that’s slowing down our pace and not being so busy would be healthy for us. I see so many more families out and about in nature and I absolutely love that. I think there are so many blessings in this strange time. I’m thankful.

One of the things I’m looking at, is that I am so thankful I have found this strange niche of you guys, and all the girls involved.

I really appreciate what finding sessions and being able to create customs has done for my life… I get to travel and meet awesome new people and have awesome conversations and learn awesome things about different types of people. I get to perform on camera and make money for it. I get to practice on unsuspecting victims my actual training that I intend to use to be a professional athlete. I’m just so thankful for this world. And so I thank you guys. You and your strange fantasies and fetishes and interests and Fascinations… I love all of it. We all have our thing and I’m glad that I can help fulfill your desires for your things.

This will pass, who knows how long, but I hope that everybody is staying positive and optimistic and had enough cushion to be able to pay their bills and are able to eat of course.

I’m not getting get into what’s going on any more than this because it’s all we hear about. It’s flooding the Internet it’s all over social media and frankly, I’m sick of it. I only listen to information credible sources anyway. And my blog on this site is not a credible source.

But I just wanted to give you this blog for today and tell you that I intend to start posting more regularly. It would seem like I would have had more time to post these blogs, but I am honestly wondering how many read them, and I hesitate– for my own reasons.

Please leave me comments on any blog that I post if you liked it or if you want to hear more about things or if you have suggestions.

I do think my Instagram, Dez session wrestler, has regularly updated posts, video clips, and photos. If you don’t have an Instagram that’s okay. If you have a Twitter or Instagram, send me a message and let me know that you follow my website and then I will accept you as a friend.

Whatever I post on Instagram I’m going to start posting on this blog as well.

I hope to be hearing more from you that you will be hearing more for me here on my blog.

Much love to you all!!

Here’s a picture from a custom shoot. Don’t forget that I can make you videos. I have my own work at room in that space. Email me.

One thought on “Historical Times

  1. I agree it’s not as bad as they would have us believe, yes people are dying and getting sick but it’s very far from doomsday stuff (Sick of hearing about it too, all year it’s been this in some form (No pun intended with the word sick!)) Disease and even plagues sadly are the natural order of things, we can only do so much to combat nature but yeah we definitely could do more to avoid these things, more respect for nature and our world (And STILL I see people not wash their hands after using the toilet or litter without any care etc even with this virus)… Anyway it’s a minute contagion compared to the countless plagues that have ravaged history, ‘unprecedented times’ my arse, do these people who say that forget about Spanish Flu etc? Heck colonisation alone spread a lot of disease….
    It’s the balance between progress and the price of it, such as using fossil fuels, plastic etc yes it’s helped us a lot but it comes at a nasty price that’s hurting our world too, we can always do better but you’re right it gives us time to reevaluate things, I like travelling especially to Asia as I’m chinese but I’m definitely not going to give that up over this virus, obviously right now I don’t intend to travel lol. We are blessed with the internet and technology in ways, makes isolation not so isolated certainly compared to Spanish Flu days etc, we have a lot more to do at home than ever before. (That itself is a bad thing too as too many people just sit at home now OR if they are out they’re phone zombies but that’s another issue!)

    The internet in particular for me has been invaluable for my fetishes, namely for women carried. Sure carries happen often in media etc but before the internet finding that stuff was a lot harder and worse for me was I didn’t know anyone else shared that quirk of mine that I had from childhood. So I am grateful for the internet and the communities it has, from searching ‘carry’ on yahoo in the summer of 1999 I stepped into a new world. In ways too it dulled the specialness of seeing carries as it’s so much easier to now online especially with videos pics aren’t as special as they were. Quality vs quantity battle…..

    With this ‘social distancing’ stuff going on for sure I won’t be getting to carry any ladies for a while, it’s a shame but at least it gives me time to catch up on my backlog of fetish stuff and to find new things such as this site! I also have an interest in martial arts namely kung fu, I do like seeing girls doing gymnastics etc too things that require much physical prowess, more on grace than power though call me a chauvinist or whatever but that’s my preference. It’s secondary to carrying but it does make a good story if a carry happens in a fight or around one, while I prefer traditional martial arts to this mma thing if it makes carries happen then it’s all good hehe! I like to see girls kick, must be from growing up playing videogames where the girl fighters are nearly always high kicking babes as in movies etc too and I do like tall ladies with long legs, though these aren’t requirements.

    I look forward to my time here and hope all things go back to normal sooner than later although it’s also a good chance to make positive changes, for sure hospitals etc were underfunded year after year, with this virus in particular affecting people’s breathing it would make sense to tackle pollution and get rid of the crap product that is tobacco that also contributes to pollution and littering.

    All the best with your endeavours!


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