You Hit Like A Girl- Female vs Male Boxing

While Dez Desire’s ground game is strong, her standup is just as good. Not one to like being treated differently because of her gender, Dez challenges the gym bully to go a round with her in the ring. Dez is quick and precise with her punches, tagging her opponent at will. After not going hard enough on her, her opponent, tired of being punched, goes back to his bully ways. He swings hard and heavy at Dez, landing solid shots. Towards the end of the round, the two plant there feet and tee off on each other, ala Hearns vs Hagler. In the BONUS FOOTAGE at the end of the clip, Dez takes it to a whole different level. Hands to her sides, she has her sparring partner blast her in the body for a full minute. Dez doesn’t flinch once, eating every shot like the champ she is.

5 minutes

Preview Pictures: