Girls Fighting- Dez and Warrior Amazon Spar

Have you ever stepped into a gym and watched two girls fighting? Women fighting is such a treat to see. But at the gym, they’re actually just “sparring”, which means they are practicing on each other techniques they learned and are trying to hone them in. It’s a sight to see. You think you could take a woman when you’re at the bar watching UFC but if one, even the smallest one, gave you a head kick, you’re going down. Try out an MMA gym for a week and see what I’m talking about.

Here we have two athletic women Dez Desire from USA (5’10”) and Warrior Amazon from Germany (5’7″) sparring each other. They started training together, and sooner than they realize, they can go a bit harder on one another than they can the girls at the gym. The love training together, and here they are doing light sparring work but you can tell they are enjoying themselves, being playful. Watch these two goddesses playfully hone their craft in a light non competitive setting. Would one knock the other out in sparring? Who will win a competitive match between the two? Would you like to order that match? You can.

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