Trample the Pervert Out

Sometimes you have to Trample the Pervert out. Punish the naughty guys. Teach them a lesson. Real life cousins Dez Desire and Kris have always been close. Maybe too close. When they were little he would always ask her questions she didn’t understand. As they grew older, she realized they were very “adult” type of questions. Once when they were about 6, he asked her to get naked with him and compare….. FEET! A few times he picked a fight with her over nothing so bad she had to beat him up, and her little saddle shoes and frilly pink dress getting very dirty in the meantime. He always wanted her to kick him. She never knew why.

Dez always cared about her cousin but always thought there could be some issues going on with him. Pretty much, their whole family seems to have a few weird quirks. A couple screws lose.

Kris puts Dez’s patience to the test when he gets caught smelling her shoes while rubbing himself when he thinks he’s alone. He sees nothing wrong with it but Dez does as she accidentally walks in on him and decides he needs to learn that her shoes are off limits!

Fresh from the gym and in her new boxing shoes, Dez tells him that it is unacceptable to behave like this. She begins to smash his face down with her size 9 feet. Eventually she demands he worship and clean them in the process. She uses his face to step up onto his body, and tries to trample the pervert out of him. Dez jumps, stomps and tramples his body, throat, and face with her 160lb frame. Her boxing shoes have good grip on the bottom and Dez uses them to inflict some pain on his skin. She pushes down and twists her feet on his face, stretching and pulling his skin unnaturally. Dez tramples his privates for good measure, before slapping him him really hard and removing all her shoes from the room. Trample the pervert out! That’ll teach this cousin a lesson!

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