Tickling Muscular Woman – Dez and Lauren

Dez has heard a lot about this “Lauren” chick- she’s hot, athletic, cool. She’s even nerdy in a cool way, whatever that means. Lauren is muscular and fit, and loves cats. These are all the things Dez wants to be known for! But whatever!! Dez decides to invite this hotshot over to really see with her own big brown eyes that this Lauren girl is NOT all that she’s made up to be. Why does everyone love Lauren?!?!? As much as Dez does not want to believe it, she is instantly blown away in the first 30 seconds of meeting Lauren when Lauren gives a simple bicep flex. How can this girl be so large and firm?!? So fit? So adorable?!? Dez tries to scoff at it, but then notices her back muscles… and it continues.

The girls feel and compare muscles for a bit, Lauren clearly works hard, but Dez is over it and wants to see if Lauren is really strong or if they are just “show muscles”. She knows they’re just for show. Dez rolls her eyes and Lauren and challenges her to an arm wrestling contest.

So, does Lauren show Dez up in the arm wrestling area and is they why Dez attacked her to start wrestling, squashing her, holding her down, putting her in vulnerable positions? Or does Lauren start the fight because she is a sore loser? Either way, Dez is clearly the grappler in this duo, even if her muscles don’t glean like Lauren’s do. And guess what? Dez reveals an actual weakness of Lauren’s and then she has at it… Lauren is VERY ticklish!

Watch as Dez uses her superior wrestling skill set to subdue Lauren in a torturous match of tickling. Listening to Lauren’s laughter of pain and torment makes this video worth it- not to mention the hot ladies wrestling, the arm wrestling, and the muscle gawking. You’ve got to see this one!!!

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