The Butt Drop Train

All Aboard!

Dez gets requests to include butt drops in her wrestling sessions. She simply doesn’t understand what the ordeal is. What is the fascination with a girl dropping their ass hard on your gut while you lay there?!? Dez has to find out what these butt drops are all about. Like an ass train miracle, the girls come in to show her a fine display of hot ass drop.

Dez has the amazing Lilly Ice drop that firm tan booty on her. Wow! Next comes in the dominator, MJ. Holy smokes! These hot bodies bouncing up and down on Dez’s stomach are starting to make her see the quality. Finally, the petite Riley comes in to show off that dancer booty and bounces in on Dez’s firm stomach. The girls sexiness and the slapping contact from their ass on Dez’s skin is really something special, Dez thinks.

After this booty dropping train experience, Dez is a believer in the good old fashioned Butt Drop.


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