Grappling Coach Dez

Mixed wrestling newcomer MJ eagerly wants to learn how to mess dudes up with wrestling and grappling like the infamous Dez Desire, who has been known to render men useless with her extensive knowledge and training in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

PileDriver with Hot Blonde by Dez Desire

Sexy wrestling and several lift and carry moments. You’ll see a few scary, and foresaken piledrivers. You’ll love the professionally executed tombstone and regular piledrivers galore. This newcomer, hot Lauren sure can handle it.

Coffee Shop Beatdown- 2 girls vs 1guy

He returns a  third time and dude wants some attention but the girls just aren’t into it– his need for attention results in a brutal and humiliating beat down with both girls trading shots, kicks, fists to the nuts, chokes and derogatory insults being traded. By the time the double team beatdown ends, ol douchey boy crawls away on his knees, glad he got to be near those hot babes.

Dez in Gorilla Press Heaven

Dez Gets Gorilla Lifted… WHAT?!?! Most of you guys can barely shoulder press 2 plates at the gym. Sit back and watch as Muscle Goddess Rapture shows you how it’s done. 8 minutes

Dez Wrestling Domination, Arm Wrestling

Dez however, quickly shows him the definition of beauty over brawn as she begins total destruction of his body. Dez catches him in choke after choke; rear nakeds, triangles, and a Darce. To keep her arms from tiring out, she throws in a mix of head & body scissors. 12 minutes