PileDriver with Hot Blonde by Dez Desire

Sexy wrestling and several lift and carry moments. You’ll see a few scary, and foresaken piledrivers. You’ll love the professionally executed tombstone and regular piledrivers galore. This newcomer, hot Lauren sure can handle it.

Super Heroines Lift and Carry Off

Super Dez challengs Super Girl, a stout muscular package of power. But tall lean and strong Dez knows she can’t compare to Dez’s skill and strength and knowledge of lifts… or can she?

Lift and Carry 200lb Man

I lift and carry a man in many ways. More ways than most have ever heard of. Really, if you check out the LNC forum, you will see rave review of my lifts. They call me the Lift and Carry Queen. 8 minutes

Lift and Carry My Man — Let’s get Lifted!

Nearly 6 minutes straight of LNC! With the poor helpless man’s feet never touching the ground!
Literally, I maneuvered this 190 lb guy around my body with my strength, grace and expertise. 6 minutes