Super Heroines Lift and Carry Off

Super Girl and Super Who? OH That’s Super DEZ!!!

Dez is known for her top notch lift and carry skills, as she is big and strong and has training lifting people, especially to slam them. But she encounters the muscular Super Girl and wants to see what this super vixen is made of, frankly, Dez wants to prove she is far superior than ANY super hero and will do so one by one. The girls eye each other up and down, and Dez starts the contest with a fireman’s carry, seeing if Super Girl can also do that. Many lifts are continued, and though new to Super Girl, she hangs in there. From Cradle, Piggy Back, piledriver, fall away, and many other lifts, Super Dez and Super Girl trade back and forth, all while possible praising or shit talking the other.

Preview Pictures: