Judo World Champ, Muscle Sheena Lifting 5’10” Dez

Not only is Sheen a Judo World Champion, she also competes in the Arnold Classic Body Building Competition.

Great. Good for Sheena. Clap, Clap.

Who does she think she is?!?!?!? She thinks she’s stronger than me???

Just because she’s muscular, trained and strong, athlete Sheena thinks she’s better at Lift and Carry than I am. I have a great reputation on the LNC forum! I can do ALL the lifts! I think talking down to her will make her step down, but instead, she steps up and then picksMEe up, carrying me around in various positions, showing off her undeniable strength. All 160 lbs of me! And I’m long!

Watch as I challenge Sheena to put me in some of my most popular holds. Not only does she do it with ease, but also one legged, squatting and “stahble”, as she says, being so stable and strong.


>10 minutes