Secret Agent Beatdown by Dez in the face of Betrayal

Have you ever seen a hot-ass Secret Agent Beatdown on a strapping young man, even bigger than her?

There’s really no way to explain the awesomeness of this video.

The sheer talent of Dez Desire is beyond belief. Wearing a tight spandex and vinyl body suit, her muscles glean emphasized by her tan skin and overall, her beauty is remarkable. This video has everything, not even limited to that. The over-the-knee leather boots really do the job in ass kicking.

Dez comes in to an underground type of room where evidently she has a former secret agent “partner” waiting. He is a fit, large man, a man that looks like he could do some damage. His muscles shine from beneath his sweaty skin, sweaty from waiting in a stuffy dark room for so long. She probes him for information. He refuses to cooperate. Dez then slams his head forward, causing him to fall to the floor.

“Tell me what I want to know!” she demands. This man still refuses, and his refusal gets a barrage of kicks, stomps, and punches. Finally, while in a rear naked choke, right before Dez goes to fishhook him, he agrees to tell her what she wants to know.

But as Dez always says, men lie. And this man lied to get out of the submission and take advantage of Dez’s compassion… compassion until she realizes he’s just another foe who has betrayed her and she shall unleash her fury onto him, and probably only using the want to get information out of him as an excuse to continue to beat his ass. She actually does not want him to tell her, for she loves the beatdown and loves torturing this man, beating him like him and so many other men deserve. Hammer locks, rear naked chokes, finger bending torture, kicks galore, straight punches, countless submissions and more!

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