Scissors and Destroy–Mixed Wrestling Massacre

Scissors will Destory.

Have you ever had a woman’s thighs gripped tightly around your neck, cutting off your blood supply to your brain? Squeezing so hard, the oxygen is diminishing into your lungs?

If you find yourself in a mixed wrestling match, you’d better believe your female opponent will take her strongest assets to use against you. Their soft skinned, yet strong hard muscles squeezing your neck so hard it seems your head will pop off. Reverse scissorholds, from behind, from underneath, and from the side. Any way she squeezes, you will be tapping or popping veins in your forehead.

Scissors aren’t too commonly taught at your local martial arts school. And maybe you don’t see them much in actual MMA fights. But you’re not a fighter, and you don’t go to train at the local MMA school, so you’ll feel them in sessions. You’re helpless to them, and when your female opponent gets a hold of your neck with those legs,  they are VERY effective.

Dez has no problem getting her male, and less skilled, opponent in head scissors, holds, scissorholds and a variety of other submissions. She’s different than these other “wrestlers”. With an ass smooth and firm, legs long and lean, Dez is able to control her opponents with actual skill and this is skill from hard trainings and actual competitions.

She’ll tease you by controlling your limbs, rendering you helpless to defend yourself. She’ll pressure her hard and large body on you, and squish you like a grape. Don’t leave your arms, ankles or necks exposed, because her vast arsenal of grappling skills will get you. Will get you good. And then, only then, will she take that supple weak little neck of yours to squeeze like you’ve never felt before.

This is a match you must watch to reconfirm just how talented Dez Desire is.

She will destroy you.


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