Sadistic Submissions– BJJ Coach Gone Wrong

Sadistic Submission: BJJ Coach Dez Desire use to have her own academy, however, after multiple violations and a slew of student injuries, she was forced to close it. Now she teaches private lesson out of her living room. Her new student should have done his homework, but, eager to learn the art, he buys a private session with Dez and is willing to do whatever she says once it starts.

While the lesson starts off halfway instructional, it’s quickly obvious why all Dez’s students get hurt; she is absolutely sadistic in demonstrating her chokes. Dez seems to relish the power of causing another person to lose complete control of their body. From the first choke she “teaches” her student, she quickly puts his lights out. After a half hearted attempt each time to wake him up, Dez is quick to jump right into the next. She chokes him out with her feet, standing on his neck, smiling down at him as his world goes dark. RNC, triangles, Gi chokes, and even her belt, are used to knock him out again & again. At least he got to wake up each time next to the deadly, and oh so beautiful Dez Desire.
> 27 minutes
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