Quarantine Lift and Carry

Self quarantine, bitch. Dez Desire is serious about her health and social distancing. Enter Raven Rain, the flight attendant who doesn’t think she can get sick and still gets to work, making money, has invaded Dez’s personal space. Especially with a bit of a quarantine belly she acquired. Having been forced into close contact with Raven, Dez decides she needs to be punished in the form of some rough lift & carry, control! Dez scoops Raven off her feet with ease and throws Raven over her shoulder. Dez has been lifting men twice her size, so Raven’s tiny frame gives her no trouble, especially because she can utilize so many lifts. These lifts often reveal the short skirt uniform the airline requires the girls to wear and Raven’s cute under bottoms. Piggyback, cradle, OTS, and more Dez does, all while preaching at  Raven the entire time. In the few instances, Dez puts Raven on the ground in uncomfortable wrestling holds. All this close proximity to Raven soon has Dez realizing her worst fear has come true– she is infected. With Raven still in her arms, Dez has a violent coughing fit, before collapsing on the floor to her demise. Quarantine, BITCHES! Or else, Quarantine Lift and Carry!

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