POV Lift and Carry By Two Amazon Muscle Women

We want to lift you, and carry you. We want lift and carry. And we know you want it too. We can give it to you. Here we are to pick your weak ass up off the ground. Don’t be scared… yet. Take this POV lift and carry experience to the fullest.

You’re so tiny in our arms. Our muscular, strong arms do more work physically in a day then you do in a month. This is because you’re weak. Puny and weak. You will allow us to woman handle you as we wish.

Lifted By Amazons: Standing 6’5″ in heels, Goddess Rapture and Dez Desire easily tower over most men. Feeling bad because you’re so short, they tag team you and bring you up to their level with some lift & carry. You feel your feet dangling beneath you as they pick you up high. Using fireman carries, cradles, wall presses, and piggybacks, you can’t help but to be excited about this. Finally, you are now eye level with your favorite tall Goddesses. Awww, that is so cute, they say. But that don’t mean it. They are making fun of you. You are short, weak and lame.

Your excitement soon fades as Dez and Rapture lay in the insults on you. They continuously make fun of you the entire time, laughing at your short comings.. In the very few instances they put you down, they force you to lay on your stomach, and worship their sexy Goddess feet. After you complete that task, you are invited to challenge them in an arm-wrestling challenge. They know you don’t stand a chance. But you obey. You try your best. “Noodle Arm!” is their reaction to your effort. You still try to win, but of course, you lose. Make sure to say thank you; it’s not often a little dweeb like you gets to be used and lifted by perfect Amazon Goddesses.

You don’t need a POV lift and carry video to feel this. You can  experience this in your own session. Visit www.dezdesire.com/faqs for more information.

Preview Pictures: