POV Beatdown – First Date With Dez

A Point of View Video.

You were lucky enough to be granted a date with the beautiful Dez Desire, but when the check came, you didn’t feel the need to be a gentlemen and pay for it. Dez is put off by this and calls you out on it. You tell her you’re not paying for anything unless she’s putting out. Wrong move. The sweet, sexy Dez is now angry and decides to teach you a lesson. As you go to feel her ass, she grabs you tightly, throwing you down on the ground. As she towers over you with her 5’10” frame, you start to think you’re in trouble. With an evil look in her eye, Dez begins to smack you in the face. Hard. As you try and get up, she steps down heavily on your cock, smacking you even harder. Your face starting to sting and swell, Dez stomps down hard on your stomach and crotch. As you curl up in pain, she kicks you in the ribs, trying to break them in the process. It’s only after you apologize, that Dez decides to put you out of your misery. Sitting down and straddling you, she pulls back and punches you in the face as hard as you can. Sweet dreams, bitch.