Piledriver Madness with Dez Desire

Who likes piledrivers? Who wants piledriver madness?!

We have Tombstone and Belly to Back Drivers Galore… all executed by the one and only Magnificent DEZ.

We see in a traditional wrestling ring, two opponents. One, tall and stout Dez Desire. The other, a scrawny luchador that has a curly pony tail Dez wants to tug on. We can already tell this is a mismatch because we immediately see a powerful woman vs a scared and scrawny male.

Right out the gates, after the lockup, Dez takes control and takes the feeble fella down hard onto the cold blue mat. There is not much fight for him, as Dez is clearly much bigger and stronger than he is. As a result, she dominates with kicks, stomps, and more kicks. Scooping him up like a trash bag, she body slams him back to the floor. For such a small guy, he slams hard, and you can see Dez’s inspiration grow. She smiles as she continually beats him down, all while hearing him cry “no no no” and grunting.

Several pile drivers are given throughout the match, and he eats the mat head first every time. However, this guy is resilient! He kicks out of the pins each time. The pain tolerance in this little guy impresses Dez, and it seems to mean she has to get creative with more moves, or just more piledrivers! The beating takes much longer than Dez expected yet it shows to be no problem for Dez.

The guy endures so many moves while Dez maintains her methodical movements to grab him up for the each bit of torture. For over 10 minutes, this carry’s on. You almost feel bad for the twerpy guy, as he stands no chance and just keeps taking the devastating moves over and over.

If you’re into Lift and Carry, Pro wrestling, chokes, Piledrivers, Piledriver Madness and Dez, this is the video for you.

Sessions with Dez, to be able to be in this guys position, are available. See the FAQ page for information.

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