Muay Thai Mistress

Pro MMA fighter Dez Desire wants to brush up on her standup game. She heads to the local Muay Thai school, and meets up with the coach to hit some pads, and get some extra feedback. From the start, it seems the coach has something against Dez. He talks down to her, telling her she hits like a girl, and suggesting she try a different sport. Dez is not amused and invites him to trade his pads for a pair of gloves.

Ding Ding, and it’s on. It’s obvious from the 1st punch that the coach has written a check with his mouth that his ass can’t cash. Dez unleashes a non-stop barrage of punches, kicks, and knees to his body and face, leaving him bruised and battered by the end of the 1st round. Round 2 is no different, except for the fact that Dez is hitting him a lot harder. The frustrated coach tries to cheat by attempting a takedown. Dez quickly reverses it and lands in full mount. She pins his arms down with her legs, and dishes out some UFC worthy ground and pound. Each blow to his head makes a loud thud, as it bounces off the floor. Dez is the one talking smack now, and after completely pulverizing his face, she spits in his eye and hits him with one last shot, before leaving him dazed and confused on the floor.
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