Lift and Carry My Man — Let’s get Lifted!

Nearly 6 minutes straight of Lift and Carry! Lifting and carrying without this Man’s feet touching the ground.

A cool, groovy song, “Let’s Get Lifted” plays. And I mean this ‘getting lifted’ more literally than what the song means it to be. I ask the clown, “Wanna get High?” I don’t leave him a chance to answer because I grab the guy quickly and move him around my strong, muscular, sturdy body for the entire duration of the video. Literally, I absolutely maneuver this 190lb guy around my body with my strength, grace and expertise. If this does not impress you, you try to hold another human in your arms for ANY amount of time.

I have a fondness for a man in a mask. It makes me feel like I covered his manhood. Saturated any manliness with the cover and then with my muscular control. I enjoy lifting a masked man. A scared, helpless man. So, instead of proving my strength and dominance through grappling, control and submissions, I decide to help this guy get high for as long as I can.

He moves with ease from my back, to my shoulder, to my front, into my arms, around my side, back to my shoulder, and on my backside. I go for a big push to get him high, super high. He couldn’t get higher. He’s never been so utterly high. I go to press his big body up… whoopsy! I may dump him at one point, but it would be a fun trip, and of course, I would not let him hit too hard- I am a professional.

My Lift and Carry is one of a kind, as you will read on the LandC Forum.

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