Lift and Carry, Mixed Pro Wrestling – Bear hug madness – female vs male

Revenge is a sweet thing. Is this why Dez wants to seek revenge on this poor unassuming Luchador, using tight bear hugs, lift and carry techniques, and vengeance?

A match is set up. A referee is called. A ring is arranged. He awaits his opponent. But unfairly, much like Dez, she attacks this poor sap from behind before the bell rings. He had no idea what was coming his way. It is clear then, that there is no chance for him to get back on top.

Dez enjoys herself. She seems to have a thing for these luchadores. And in this case, she Bear Hugs him so tight he almost passes out. Over and over and over. A bear hug so tight his body goes limp. He groans in pain. She tosses him around. She kicks him while he’s down. The ref is fearful of her from the beginning. Clearly, he is neither a match for the ruthless Dez Desire, so allows her heel ways to ensue. Does he have a choice anyway? He sees the tall, black boots she wears and does not want them stomping on him.

For 10 minutes this debauchery occurs. Lift and Carry. Bear hugs. The luchador receives numerous lifts. She carries him around the ring. The torture racks are back to back and look extremely Painful. How does his non flexible body handle it? It looks like she will break him. She threatens the ref, shivering in his wrestling shoes the entire match. Dez uses her tall, black leather boots to stomp on the luchador. These badass boots match her leather biker jacket. It makes her look like she will kick anyone’s ass. Let’s include the life-threatening bear hugs and strenuous torture racks!! How does this women lift another wrestler of 200lbs!?! This is heavier than her! With the sweet drive of revenge. Dez has many chips on her shoulders. She desires to fulfill her vengeance. Fulfilling her desires, as usual. That is what Dez does.

Approx. 10 minutes

Even if you are not a pro wrestler or luchador, you can feel what it feels like to be squeezed in Dez’s muscular arms, without a doubt. In your own session, you can feel the sensation of being lifted in the air off your feet and carried. For details go to

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