Lift and Carry A Tiny Girl On Crutches!

Rapture doesn’t mind sharing her toys, and today she decides to lend her little lift & carry bitch to Dez. Dez is excited because she’s never seen such a tiny person. And to top it off, having broken her ankle a few weeks ago, the tiny person is on crutches which means she can’t run away. Suggesting that she can help with the girl’s mobility, Dez wastes no time picking her up off her feet. She starts off with some bearhugs and under the arm & elbow carries. Soon, Dez has her in all sorts of pro wrestling lifts. She puts her in the pile driver and bodyslam positions before slinging the little bitch around her side like a purse. There’s fireman carries, curls & presses, along with a piggyback ride. Dez lifts her with ease, maneuvering her body like a rag doll, while keeping her up in the air so long the little bitch gets dizzy from the height. Dez could lift her forever and encourages the little bitch to come back again for more fun.

12+ minutes

Preview Pictures: