Lift and Carry 200lb Man

I lift and carry a man in many ways. More ways than you have ever heard of. Here, I lift and carry a 200lb man.

Really, if you check out the LNC forum, you will see rave review of my lifts. They call me the Lift and Carry Queen. This is because I have actual, legitmate professional wrestling training. I take pride in being a larger woman who can lift up other bodies. Lifting bodies is not like lifting weights- stiff bars that don’t wiggle or kick. Lifting another human is something else, and requires much practice to build the stability and muscles.

I like lifting this scared little chap. Not so little, I suppose. A chubby 200lbs is rather large. That’s no problem for me. My shoulders are strong here, and my core is active. My long and lean muscular legs take some of the work, but it requires the entire body to carry a moving human around.

There is a unique lift where I get him from cradle to above my head and then to the back of my neck. I like to maneuver him around all while he is scared I’ll drop him. But of course, i never do. I always know what I’m doing. Swooping him up, I lift him only my shoulder while you can see my thigh muscles and core flex to stabilize this moving weight.

Check it out, if you wish to be lifted. My first 3 blogs posts on the type of lift and carries I can do. I explain them, too.

Lots more in the video!

Hope you enjoy.


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