Grappling Coach Dez

Mixed wrestling newcomer MJ eagerly wants to learn how to mess dudes up with wrestling and grappling like the infamous Dez Desire, who has been known to render men useless with her extensive knowledge and training in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. Being newer to the mixed wrestling scene, MJ finds the idea of overpowering a man fascinating and is prepared to follow Dez’s lead. Lucky for her, Dez offers private lessons to any girl who’s interested in learning how to dominate the poor, weak boys who think they stand a chance. During the lesson, MJ shows signs of promise with Dez showing her a few warm up moves that are important for engaging the muscles before executing the moves. The two athletic women thrust, grunt, and breath heavily as they side their tan skin against one another. MJ is take aback by the invigorating nature of the sport of mixed wrestling. Little does she know that the closeness of grappling can spark interest in more than just learning the moves.

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