Gorilla Press Dez

Dez has always been the Queen of the Lift and Carry scene. Check out the forums and all her videos, if you don’t know this yet. Not only because of her unbridled muscular strength, but because of her background of training as a professional, she has all the moves, lifts and holds to be this Queen. Dez conducts sessions lifting and carrying males of all sizes, so she has no issue with this task for any person. Come one, come all, Dez delivers. No one can compare. No one could lift her like she lifts. And certainly, how could anyone Gorilla Press Dez? No way.

But wait, enter this GIANT muscular masked man… er beast… thing. He smells of dried sweat, alligator spit, and a soiled monkey diaper filled with burnt hair. He’s greasy and grunty and he swoops long, tall Dez off her feet with ease. But first, this monster beast throws her around, like she’s some kind of tiny ragdoll. He breathes in her face, nearly knocking her out with the stench. Each time he lifts his huge, muscular arms, a smell of Bigfoots dick permeates the air. We have never seen Dez want to back down before, ever. This, she has found, is the SUPER BEAST. And the Super Beast is not someone she wants to mess with, and she quickly realizes this.

She realizes this when he picks her up with ease in the one of several overhead presses, also known as gorilla press, one hand holding her up by her neck and the other by her crotch, and he parades her around like his hunting trophy carcass. He sets her down and continuously pummels her, leaving her helpless to his wrath and fury, to that of a beast. She begs him to stop, but he probably doesn’t even understand English, only monster language. This torture goes on with numerous lifts throughout, the most notable being more gorilla presses.

By the end, Dez begins to surrender, and succumb to this rapture. She has no choice. Just accept it. Wait for it to end. However, since she shifted her acceptance, her perception also shifts. It seems to be, that during some of the last moves, and lifts, Dez may actually enjoy his hand placement on that gorilla press… a little too much!

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