Female Female Lift and Carry Bundle

Six of female lift and carry female videos from my site – together in one packaage!

What a deal!

Dez in Gorilla Press Heaven- Lift and Carry Beatdown Girl Girl


Dez Gets Gorilla Lifted… WHAT?!?! Most of you guys can barely shoulder press 2 plates at the gym. Sit back and watch as Muscle Goddess Rapture shows you how it’s done, only instead of using a barbell, she’s going to use pro MMA fighter, and overall badass, Dez Desire. Rapture wants to make sure Dez is nice and loose for the upcoming lift, and decides the best way to achieve this is to rag doll Dez around the room.

It starts off quickly. Rapture puts Dez in her strong scissors before proceeding to place Dez in a variety of uncomfortable wrestling holds. Dez is no match for Rapture’s strength and is soon tired out. Using both arms, Rapture picks Dez up off her feet. She presses and holds Dez tight against her chest, before Gorilla Lifting Dez completely above her head. After holding Dez in place for an impressive amount of time, she finally lowers her down to the floor, and does a well earned victory pose.


Dez Makes You Dizzy- Lift and Carry Girl Girl

We would hate to have Dez as a big sister because she is mean as fuck. Barging into her little sister room, Dez immediately begins to tear into her. After first mocking her pig tails, she pulls her little sister up and out of her chair by them. Dez quickly puts her in a bear hug, carrying her little sister around the room like a rag doll. Dez shakes her, making her sister’s little legs swing Throwing her over her shoulder in a fireman’s carry, Dez both spanks her sister’s ass & pulls her hair. She curls & cradle her like a little baby, taunting her the whole time. Dez is relentless, as she lifts her sister with no effort, putting her in any hold that she chooses. We loved shooting this video but had to cut it short because Dez put her sister in such a vicious airplane spin, she had to run off set to puke for the next 10 minutes.


Muscle Sheena Lifting 5’10” Dez- Judo vs Jui Jitsu- Girl Girl

Not only is Sheen a Judo World Champion, she also competes in the Arnold Classic Body Building Competition.

Great. Good for Sheena. Clap, Clap.

Who does she think she is?!?!?!? She thinks she’s stronger than me???

Just because she’s muscular, trained and strong, athlete Sheena thinks she’s better at Lift and Carry than I am. My reputation is amazing and great reputation on the LNC forum! I can do ALL the lifts! Maybe talking down to her will make her step down, but instead, she steps up and then picks ME up, carrying me around in various positions. She continuously shows off her undeniable strength, lifting me like nothing, all 160 lbs of me! And I’m long!

Watch as I challenge Sheena to put me in some of my most popular holds. Not only does she do it with ease, but also one legged, squatting and “stahble”, as she says, being so stable and strong.


Super Heroines Lift and Carry Off- Girl Girl

Super Girl and Super Who? OH That’s Super DEZ!!!

Dez is known for her top notch lift and carry skills, as she is big and strong and has training lifing people, especially to slam them. But she encounters the muscular Super Girl and wants to see what this super vixen is made of, frankly, Dez wants to prove she is far superior than ANY super hero and will do so one by one. The girls eye each other up and down, and Dez starts the contest with a fireman’s carry, seeing if Super Girl can also do that. Many lifts are continued, and though new to Super Girl, she hangs in there. From Cradle, Piggy Back, piledriver, fallaway, and many other lifts, Super Dez and Super Girl trade back and forth, all while possible praising or shit talking the other.


Piledriver with Hot Lauren- Girl Girl

Have you ever seen a piledriver given to a hot blonde?

There is a muscular blonde beauty coming around and she thinks she’s ready for the sessions and customs world. Her name is Hot Lauren. Dez doesn’t think just any hot female can do well in the industry– you have to have real skill, real muscles, and real personality. Can Lauren hack it? Can she step up to Dez to see if she’s ready for the industry? Is she able to handle piledrivers as this Hot Blonde named Lauren by the one and only Dez Desire?

Hot Lauren makes her sneak attack. Dez is taken aback at first, and although she can feel Lauren’s strength as Lauren’s muscular arms wrap around Dez, her technical skills don’t add up yet. They certainly don’t add up to being able to take Dez down. Dez reverses the moves. Everytime.

Then the girls have a bout in which you can tell who might have a bit more experience, but there is no denying the Heart of this newcomer, Hot Lauren. Because the match was not planned, both of them forgot to take off their knee high school socks. Subsequently, this makes it particularly sexy of them-  Hot Lauren’s strong legs exemplifying the socks, and Dez’s strong arms holding Lauren up, lifting and carrying her as those socks kick about. She gives numerous a’ piledriver to this Hot Blonde!

So many times Dez reverses Laurens attacks to gain top position- her skill and technique the only way she can control this fight. There are several lift and carry moments. You’ll see a few scary, and foresaken piledrivers. There are tombstone and regular piledrivers galore. Lauren and Dez have at it and by the end of the very exciting tussel, they share an understanding. Lauren wants to learn more and Dez wants to teach her. They share that, and a kiss… or two.


Quarantine Lift and Carry- Girl Girl

Self quarantine, bitch. Dez Desire is serious about her health and social distancing. Enter Raven Rain, the flight attendant who doesn’t think she can get sick and still gets to work, making money, has invaded Dez’s personal space. Especially with a bit of a quarantine belly she acquired. Having been forced into close contact with Raven, Dez decides she needs to be punished in the form of some rough lift & carry, control! Dez scoops Raven off her feet with ease and throws Raven over her shoulder. Dez has been lifting men twice her size, so Raven’s tiny frame gives her no trouble, especially because she can utilize so many lifts. These lifts often reveal the short skirt uniform the airline requires the girls to wear and Raven’s cute underbottoms.

The lifts never seem to end. Piggyback, cradle, OTS, and more Dez does, all while preaching at  Raven the entire time. In the few instances, Dez puts Raven on the ground in uncomfortable wrestling holds. All this close proximity to Raven soon has Dez realizing her worst fear has come true– she is infected. With Raven still in her arms, Dez has a violent coughing fit, before collapsing on the floor to her demise. Quarantine, BITCHES! Or else, Quarantine Lift and Carry!


You want the whole “she”-bang? Here it is. Take them. Take them now.

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