Dez’s Punching Bag

Dez’s Punching Bag: Most MMA gyms have a Bob; a punching bag in the shape of a mans body. Pro MMA fighter Dez Desire broke Bob last week, so for today’s training she decides to bring in a replacement in the form of an unlucky real man. Wearing her sporty boxing gear, Dez drags her punching bag to the middle of the room so she can start training. He is told to stay still and try to stay conscious as Dez starts wailing on him. Crisp shots to the body and face make this easier said than done. Dez works her way around her punching dummy, ripping into him with vicious combos. Shot after shot have him barely able to stand, and, in an act of desperation, he shoulder checks Dez. Maybe the dummy really is a dummy, and Dez quickly drops him to the canvas for his transgression. Another training session down, another punching bag broken from the fighting fury that is Dez Desire.

11 minutes