Tickle the Thief – Dez Tortures an Attempted Burglary

Tickle torture a thief.

It’s just a normal day for Dez- starting off with dynamic stretches and warm ups. She is ready to get to training after her protein shake, but today got weird. Today, Dez will catch a thief. Believe it or not, she will tickle the Thief. And ultimately, she will torture this thief for his attempted burglary. She will Tickle Torture a Thief.

The first several minutes you can see the lean, long and tan Dez Desire in her front room, just warming up. She is mesmerizing, and moves like a stealth, smooth, just like the bomber, quick and deadly.

Suddenly, she hears a noise that interrupts her concentration. She looks around, but see nothing. Dez gets back to her routine, as usual. Just then, she hears the front door open… what the?!?!? As she looks toward the door, she sees a masked thief trying to sneak in. As he see her seeing him, he turns to go run, but his flip flop gets caught and he falls down. Dez races over there and grabs his ankles, yanking him inside. She thinks she will have to beat him down, hard. She just KNOWS this guy was trying to break in, and she’s going to teach him a lesson.

But, suddenly, the thief mentions his feet… don’t, don’t tickle them? Why would he say that? Dez wasn’t planning on tickling them. So… why… she begins to tickle. This guy does NOT like to be tickled. As a matter of fact, it seems like being tickled is by far the most torturous thing this guy could ever experience.

Dez places him in hold after hold, bending his body and controlling his limbs, just to get to tickling his feet. This girl tickles them slow, fast, hard, soft. She breaths on them and even bites the toes…. There is not a thing he can do to escape his 20 minutes of straight tickling. This burglar is definitely regretting his decision to attempt a robbery at this household. Who would have guessed a single gal with pets would be so protected, like a sleek stealth bomber waiting to attack? You should know by now. Now she knows how to tickle torture a thief.

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