Dez in Gorilla Press Heaven

Dez Gets Gorilla Lifted… WHAT?!?! Most of you guys can barely shoulder press 2 plates at the gym. Sit back and watch as Muscle Goddess Rapture shows you how it’s done, only instead of using a barbell, she’s going to use pro MMA fighter, and overall badass, Dez Desire. Rapture wants to make sure Dez is nice and loose for the upcoming lift, and decides the best way to achieve this is to rag doll Dez around the room. Rapture puts Dez in her strong scissors before proceeding to place Dez in a variety of uncomfortable wrestling holds. Dez is no match for Rapture’s strength and is soon tired out. Using both arms, Rapture picks Dez up off her feet. She presses and holds Dez tight against her chest, before Gorilla Lifting Dez completely above her head. After holding Dez in place for an impressive amount of time, she finally lowers her down to the floor, and does a well earned victory pose.

Approx. 8 minutes