Relentless Dez–Camel Clutch & Boston Crab!

Dez Desire Hurts poor Luchador in the Ring

This “OG” original Boston Crab and Camel Clutch video was first uploaded to Youtube and within a several months, had 1.2 MILLION views. There is a reason. Dez knows how to taunt a fella and make him feel like a useless sack of potatoes. She insults him, belittles him, teases him, bully’s him, and she continues to give relentless Camel Clutch and Boston Crab moves. The poor guy is helpless to her wrath. He moans in pain and right when it seems like Dez will allow the guy some mercy, she administers yet another torturous hold. She does this with a sadistic type of demeanor.

Dez is an experienced professional in several combat fields, so this “twerp” stands no chance in his defense. She bends him backwards, she slams his head. That’s not the least of it. She stomps on his back, she taunts him, she arches his spine in ways he never new his body could do without breaking- and it nearly did. This woman takes great pleasure in these actions, with no remorse. She acts so causal, sometimes playing with her long healthy hair, sometimes with a look as if she is getting bored. That is usually before she tortures some more! He writhes around the ring, hoping for some leniency, but Dez only lets him breath for moments at at time. She has such a desire to keep this pain up, to keep letting him know who is the dominate one in the ring.

This goes on and on, over and over, all while her tanned and toned body gleans with satisfaction. Her ass cheeks and legs exposed to show the muscular strength of what this woman is capable of. Wouldn’t you want to know…

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